Welcome to
Positivity Radio

Positivity Radio is the world’s first family of radio stations promoting a happier, healthier and more successful lifestyle for everyone on the planet.

We offer Music stations for every taste; Wellness and Calm stations for every mood and lifestyle choice; Sleepy stations for baby, the kids and of course you; plus a unique selection of Energy stations each designed to positively enhance your health and wellbeing.

Unlike traditional radio, we are – News Free, Commercial Free and Listen Free. 

A wealth of scientific research confirms that the positive benefits of listening to radio extend far beyond the pure entertainment value. The audio experience is known to produce powerful reactions in our brains. We may experience feelings of joy or sadness, nostalgia and reflection and of course exhilaration and motivation depending upon our listening choices.

We empower you to build the Positivity Radio soundtrack to your lifestyle. Welcome to the Positivity Radio Family.

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